Straight talking, no nonsense and highly effective...

If that sums up your approach to business - then I think we'll get along.

Whatever your product or service, and whatever message you need to impart, good solid design and unhindered creative thinking is a great place to start. You'll know your market, you'll understand the language they use, you'll know where you are better than your competitors, all you need is someone to help you tell your story.


That's where I come in...

At Carl Russell, you get instant access to over 25 years experience of pretty much every aspect of graphic design. From brochures and magazines, to mailers and fliers. From logos and stationery to packaging and point of sale


If it's design, I've done it, I do it.


And it's not just the design aspect. (Yes, I started the sentence with "And") Because I'll write your copy too. In fact I'll even get it printed and distributed if that's what you need - You can cherry pick the services you want. I'm used to working as part of your team to deliver expertise in the areas where you don't have it have in house, while making use of the skills and resources you do have.


I'm also very easy to get on with - and that helps.

Design that balances looks with function and still manages to say something about what you stand for


Exhibition stand graphics

The medium may have changed, but a good ad is still a good ad

Ever since some bright spark invented the internet and Google changed the way everybody looks for stuff, advertising has has been fighting an uphill battle. Not only is it it harder to get your ad seen these days, but most people's attention span is now less than that of a Carassius auratus. Which is why it's never been more important to make sure your ads work. I mean, really work.


Keep it simple, keep it on message, keep it succinct.


To do this, I may ask a LOT of questions. But it's genuinely the only way to fully appreciate the task at hand and to be able to create powerful, arresting, ads with a compulsive, memorable message.


Carassius auratus by the way?...Goldfish.

If you want someone to organise the secret filming of some unfortunate homeless person being handed a bundle of cash for your social media engagement strategy to leverage brand values and craft journeys into compelling narratives that fully engage the consumer, then I think I'm probably a bit old fashioned for you.


You see, I still believe marketing is about generating sales - not likes.


Yes if it's email, then it needs to be subtle, it's about constant contact, about ensuring your brand is front most in your potential customer's mind when they eventually find themselves in a position to buy. But when it comes to more traditional methods - printed mailers, fliers etc., then sometimes you just have to hit them between the eyes with a tried and trusted "stop me and buy one" approach.


The trick is knowing which way to go and when.

Selling is a lot more subtle these days. At least that's what I want your customers to believe

Show, don't tell: What more powerful way is there of getting across the benefits of your product or service?

The best B2B ads often demonstrate their benefit rather than just explaining it, and if you're in the fortunate position of having a powerful message, then video is a fantastic way to show it.


Telling your customer that you have a 14000sq ft state of the art manufacturing facility isn't half as memorable as showing them.


I can deliver a corporate overview, a specific product in action and even an education focussed animation. I'll storyboard it, write the script, shoot it, edit it, even sort the voice over.


You just need to have something to sell.




I'm old enough to remember before there was an internet, and we've all lived through the initial plague of incompetence in web design. Now finally, we understand it's about speed, simple intuitive navigation and a robust platform.


To this end I've developed a close association (next door office) with web developers Weblator, who are extremely proficient in taking my designs and making them work. Together, we build and maintain slick, polished websites that are easy to use in either Wordpress or their bespoke Weblator CMS™. Both these options ensure beautifully functioning sites that are specifically SEO ready and can be continually updated with minimum fuss.


In fact, if you have the people, then we can even offer training to allow you to do the updating in house - whatever works for you.

The world wide web - Love it or hate it, it's where it's at


Goodwin Boxing

ACP Training

If what you've seen and read makes you think I might be able to give you some assistance with a particular project,  then give me a call on 01525 383 707.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Don't be shy...

Why the thumb print?

Because every piece of work I do for you, I do myself. There’s no weak link in a chain. No sharp suited bag carrier to misinterpret your needs. No way a brief can be ‘lost in translation’ and therefore no way you won’t end up with exactly what you need for each and every project. The thumb print is my seal of approval. It’s my way of saying “You know it’ll be right, because I’ll be doing the job myself - and you know you can trust me.”


In short: "I'll get my best man on it"

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Straight talking,
no nonsense and
highly effective...

If that sums up your approach to business - then I think we'll get along.