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One pair of hands

with a LOT of design experience

- and advertising, and print and marketing and...


Whatever your product or service, and whatever the message you need to impart - good solid design and unhindered creative thinking is a great place to start. You'll know your market, you'll understand the language they use, you'll know where you're better than your competitors - all you need is someone to help you tell your story.


That's where I come in...

A bit about me

With Carl Russell, you get instant access to over 25 years experience in pretty much every aspect of graphic design and advertising. From brochures and magazines, to trade and consumer advertising, to websites, email campaigns, mailers, fliers, logos and branding, packaging, and point of sale.


And it's not just the visual aspect. (Yes, I started the sentence with "And") Because I'll write your copy too. In fact I'll even get it printed, distributed or hosted or whatever - if that's what you need.


You can cherry pick the services you want. I'm used to working for you solo if that's what you need, or as part of a team. I'll help deliver expertise in the areas where you don't have it have in house, while making use of the skills and resources you do have. If you're a small business, maybe even a solo operation, that's fine too - I'm used to that, because that's what I am.


I'm also very easy to get on with - and that helps.


Business to business advertising, consumer advertising, trade press



brochure design, catalogues, price lists, technical manuals
Website design, Wix websites, custom CMS



I use a combination of hand drawn, vector and collaged images, assembled and animated in Adobe Animate and then edited using Adobe Premiere
Custom html coded emailers designed to fit your corporate identity, not just an off the shelf template. Rigorously inbox tested to be robust across all platforms


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I'm keeping this nice and simple with a few examples of work and no more copy. Have a look around and see if you think I might be the right person to help you with the project you're thinking about right now.


From highly complex process diagrams (that I can't show here because they illustrate sensitive corporate strategies) to icons, information graphics and flow charts
Good old fashioned ink and wash hand visualisations, drawn from plans to give a feel of how things will look, before they built



don't be shy

Why the thumb print? Because all creative work is done by me and only me. The thumb print is my guarantee that you get what you need, because I'll be doing it myself

If what you've seen and read makes you think I might be able to give you some assistance with a particular project,  then give me a call on 07956 658428.


I look forward to hearing from you.

07956 658 428   •

so why the thumb print?

Because every piece of work I do for you, I do myself. There’s no weak link in a chain. No sharp suited bag carrier to misinterpret your needs. No way a brief can be ‘lost in translation’ and therefore no way you won’t end up with exactly what you need for each and every project. The thumb print is my seal of approval. It’s my way of saying “You know it’ll be right, because I’ll be doing the job myself - and you know you can trust me.”


In short: "I'll get my best man on it"

Thanks for submitting!

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